By Dieter Haage, Anglo American Coal-Australia

Historically much of the interaction between mining OEMs and mining operators has been transactional in nature. However, the path to world class performance requires a more synergistic partnership between entities. Smart Services allows for, rather demands, a common strategic focus, combined ownership on problems and mutually developed solutions. Anglo American is currently engaged in a smart service partnership with JoyGlobal related to longwall operations at Moranbah North. This presentation is intended to show how the partnership with JoyGlobal has performed and what benefits Anglo American has realized.

The concept of Smart Services for the purpose of this presentation is the combination of technology, services and common focus to deliver bottom line Anglo American results: maximization of availability, utilization and performance of Moranbah’s longwall system. Smart Services leverages major advancements in onboard and off board technologies and robust communication systems to produce data centric recommendations and analyses, from reactive root cause exercises to maintenance prognostics and operational best practices. Beyond the people and the technology the processes implemented by JoyGlobal and Anglo American that facilitate continuous improvement and provide a longer term frame work for result sustainability.

Several examples are provided that show how both organizations have partnered in solving complex technical issues and in improving longwall performance therefore providing a win-win scenario for both Anglo American and JoyGlobal.