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Session 1: Advanced Technology
  • Operational Benefits When Running Longwall Automated Face Alignment & Horizon Control Systems
    Jeff Ley, shearer product lead, and James Sudworth, Global C&A Manager, Komatsu Mining Corp.
  • The Positives and Negatives of Operating Longwalls From the Surface
    Peter Henderson, engineering manager for underground operations, Glencore (Australia)
  • Using Dynamic Elemental Modeling for AFCs and Drums
    Daniel Sharpe, longwall mining engineer, Komatsu Mining
Session 2: Health & Safety
  • Personal Longwall Proximity Detection
    Todd Moore, general manager of safety, CONSOL Energy, and Craig Dickerson, assistant superintendent-Bailey mine, CONSOL Energy
  • A Laboratory Investigation of Underside Shield Sprays to Improve Longwall Water Directional Spray System
    Randy Reed and Scott S. Klima, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division
  • Using Safety Climate Trends in the Coal Industry to Improve the Identification and Use of Leading Indicators
    Emily J. Haas and Cassandra L. Hoebbel, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division
  • Seismic Miner Location System
    Max Clark, U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration
  • Influence of Longwall Mining on the Stability of Shale Gas Wells in Barrier Pillars
    Peter Zhang and Daniel Su, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division, and Jun Lu, CONSOL Energy
Session 3: Development & Logistics
  • The Autonomous Shuttle Car
    S. Schafrik, V. Androulakis, J. Sottile, and Z. Agioutantis, University of Kentucky
  • Rapid-entry Longwall Development With Continuous Haulage at Murray Energy’s Marion County Mine
    Toby Cressman and Michelle Burich, Komatsu Mining Corp.
  • Gate Road Development Experience Using Continuous Haulage at Glencore’s Ulan West Longwall Mine
    Brett Murray, engineering manager for Ulan West, Glencore
  • Using Contractors to Move Longwalls
    David Marcum, manager longwall operations, GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance

2017 Archives


Session I: Equipment and Life-cycle Improvements
  • First Chinese Shields in the US at the Oak Grove Mine
    By Don Simms, president and CEO, United Mining Equipment
  • Transformation/Repurposing of Face Equipment
    By Jacob Smith, engineering manager, Sufco mine, Bowie Resources
  • Using a Dealer Network to Support Longwall Mining
    By Bill Powell, General Manager, CB Mining
  • Case Study: Extending the Life of Longwall Roof Supports Through the Use of Life Cycle Testing Management Plan
    By Allan Black, Joy Global and Janse Van Rensburg, Anglo American-South Africa
Session II: Health & Safety
  • How Can the CPDM Affect Miners’ Knowledge and Control of Respirable Dust Exposure?
    By Emily J. Haas, Ph.D., research behavior scientist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
  • Longwall Automation: Making Mining Safer Through Technology
    By Adam Zamora , automation specialist, Westmoreland Coal, and Jack D. Trackemas, branch chief, ground control branch, NIOSH
  • Evaluation of Noise Controls for Longwall Cutting Drums
    By Joe Defibaugh, engineer-dust and ventilation, Komatsu Mining Corp.; Hugo E. Camargo, principal engineer, NOISH; and Lynn A. Alcorn, engineering technician, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Applications of a Scaled Aerodynamic Model for Simulations of Airflows in a Longwall Mine
    By Vasu Gangrade, mining engineer, NIOSH; Samuel Harteis, lead mining engineer, NIOSH; and J.D. Addis, research scientist, NIOSH
  • Controlling Dust Concentration at a Longwall Face Through Application of a Flooded-bed Scrubber to a Longwall Shearer
    By Sampurna Arya, University of Kentucky; William Chad Wedding, University of Kentucky; Thomas Novak, University of Kentucky; and James P. Rider, NIOSH
Session III: Mine Development & Planning
  • Monster Wall
    By Christopher Popp, shift supervisor, Enlow Fork mine, CNX Coal Resources; Jamie Wilson, lead shift maintenance foreman, Enlow Fork mine, CNX Coal Resources; and Andrew Yackuboskey, longwall section foreman, Enlow Fork mine, CNX Coal Resources
  • Ultra-length Longwall Panels: Critical Factors and Issues
    By Robert Ochsner, chief engineer, Signal Peak Energy
  • Longwall Top Coal Caving at the Broadmeadow Mine
    By Matt Jones, longwall superintendent Broadmeadow mine, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA); Kevin Meyer, longwall maintenance superintendent, Broadmeadow mine; and Brett Moule, longwall applications, Cat Global Mining
  • Overview of Current U.S. Longwall Gateroad Support Practices
    By Morgan M. Sears, Ph.D., mining engineer, ground control branch, NIOSH; Ihsan B. Tulu, Ph.D., associate service fellow, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division; and Gabriel Esterhuizen, Ph.D., senior scientist, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division
Keynote/Longwall USA Top Performers Awards
  • Keynote Presentation: A New Era for Mining Begins to Take Shape in Washington
    Keynote Speaker: Hal Quinn, president and CEO, National Mining Association (NMA)
Session IV: Panel Discussion-Industry Advocates
  • Panel Discussion-Industry Advocates
    Moderators: Steve Fiscor, editor-in-chief, Coal Age, and William S. Tate, private mining and energy consultant
Session IV: Operating Efficiencies
  • Improved Safety and Increases in Performance and Productivity Through the Implementation of a Longwall Proximity System and the Use of Smart, Connected LW Products
    By Rudie Boshoff, global director, Lifecycle Management and JoySmart Solutions, Komatsu Mining Corp.
  • Improved Safety and Productivity Through the Use of Advanced Shearer Automation at Tunnel Ridge
    By Rob Colaw, longwall maintenance coordinator, Tunnel Ridge mine, Alliance Resource Partners, and Eric Anderson, general manager, Tunnel Ridge mines, Alliance Resource Partners
  • Financial Advantage of Utilizing Contractors to Perform Longwall Moves
    By Dave Stone, director, TerraCom Ltd., and Ray Chadwick, director, RC Mining Services
  • Protect Your Lift Leg Pockets, Protect Yourself & Your Pockets
    By J. Adam Lyman, application engineer, Henkel

2015 Archives


Session 1: Health & Safety
  • An Improved Longwall Water Directional Spray System
    By: James P Rider, NIOSH
  • MSHA’s Best Practices for Controlling Respirable Dust on Longwalls
    By: Deborah M. Tomko, Chief, Environmental Assessment and Contaminant Control Branch, MSHA
  • Field Level Risk Assessment – A Safety Culture
    By: Rowdy Heiser, Manager Health/Safety, Solvay Essential Chemicals, North America Green River, Wyoming, and Joe A. Vendetti, Manager Mining Operations, Solvay Essential Chemicals, North America Green River, Wyoming
  • Risk Management in Longwall Operations—A Comparison of the CORESafety Approach with U.S. Statutory Requirements
    By Thomas A. Hethmon, Associate Professor and Western Mining Presidential Chair of Mine Safety Mining Engineering Department, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A., and Michael G. Nelson, Professor and Chair, Mining Engineering Department, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A.
Session 2: Update on Policy and Technology
  • Australian Mining: Advancing Australia’s Energy, Economic and Environmental Goals
    By George Schuller, Chief Operating Officer, Peabody Energy Australia.
  • Variable Speed Drives on Armored Face Conveyors
    By Gareth Rimmington, Principal Engineer, Joy Global
  • Longwall Setup & Recovery Advances Gained Through Independent Coal Mining Specialists
    By Dave Marcum, Longwall Coordinator, GMS Mine Repair and Maintenance
  • Personal Proximity Detection System for Longwalls
    By Mark Jones, Automation Engineer – Caterpillar Global Mining, Material Handling & Underground Business Unit
Session 3: Longwall Operations Design & Management
  • Signal Peak Energy’s Pre-Developed Longwall Recovery Room
    By Brad Hanson, CEO, Signal Peak Energy
  • CONSOL Energy Integrates the Harvey Mine into the Bailey Complex
    By Barry Miller, P.E., Vice President Engineering and Operations, CONSOL Energy
  • Longwall Automation: Ambition across the Years and Hemispheres
    By Steve Bessinger, AngloAmerican Coal, and James Sudworth, Joy Global, Inc.
Keynote Luncheon and Presentation of the Longwall USA Top Performer Awards
  • The Changing Political Landscape in Washington and Its Impact on U.S. Coal
    By Hal Quinn, President & CEO, National Mining Association
Session 4: Panel Discussion--Where We Are, and Where We Go from Here?
  • Moderator: Harry Martin, International Longwall Mining Expert
Session 5: Removing Production Impediments
  • Simulation Based Continuous Miner Production Training
    By: Joey Kennedy, Senior Training Instructor/K9 Handler- Alpha Natural Resources
  • Gas Issues-From the Legal Perspective
    By Andrew Chumney, Esq; Peacock Keller
  • Comprehensive Longwall Degasification and MagneStar MWDTM
    By Matt Yearsley, Operations Manager-Target Drilling
  • Degasification and Ventilation of Superwide Longwall Faces in the Pittsburgh Coal Seam
    By Dr. Pramod Thakur, Manager Coal Degasification Group, Murray Energy Corp., Morgantown, WV

2013 Archives


Session 1: New Developments & Technologies for Longwall Installations
  • Grosvenor Longwall Project–Design for Benchmark Safety and Productivity
    By Dieter Haage, Anglo American Coal Australia
  • Longwall mining in Mexico: Micare Mine VII
    By Joel de Luna, General Manager, Micare Mine VII
  • Fluid Power Generation & Transport Systems for Longwalls
    By Tom Hutchinson,manager of new products, Swanson Industries
  • Update on New Ground Support Systems for Longwall Gate Roads
    By Dakota Faulkner, Research and Development Engineer. Travis Sub, Research and Development Engineer, Keystone Mining Services, Jennmar Corp.
Session 2: Safety & Health
  • Measurement Before Management: Best Practices for Assessing Safety Culture
    By Dr. Lori Guasta, director of organizational behavior and emerging markets, Safety Solutions International
  • A Review of Dust Control Techniques for Longwalls
    By Joe Defibaugh, engineer, dust and ventilation, JoyGlobal
  • Rock Dusting on Longwalls
    By Marcia Harris, NIOSH (OMSHR)
  • Control of Explosive Zones and Oxygen Penetration in Longwall Gobs through Nitrogen Injection
    By Dr. Jürgen F. Brune, Colorado School of Mines
  • Completing the Development of Longwall Foam Dust Suppression
    By Dr. Paul A. Kittle, Aquafoam, Inc.
Session 3: Proximity Detection
  • Personal Proximity Detection for Underground Coal Mining Equipment
    By Michael B. McMillion, senior mechanical engineer, coal operations support, CONSOL Energy
  • Proximity Detection in a Mine Wide Applications for Underground Coal
    By Mike Berube, president and COO, Strata Worldwide
  • Intelligent Proximity Detection Technology for Underground Coal Mines
    By Joseph DuCarme, mechanical engineer, NIOSH
  • Matrix Technology and Experience in Proximity Detection
    By Aric Pryor, Matrix Design Group President
  • Keynote Luncheon & Longwall USA Top Performers Awards
    Coal Age will recognize the three top performing U.S. longwall mines
  • Market Uncertainty: Demand for Coal Grows Everywhere, but the U.S.
    By Seth Schwartz, Energy Venture Analysis
Session 4: Face Automation
  • Partnering to Develop a Productive Automated Longwall System
    By Mike Calderone, manager, controls and automation systems, JoyGlobal, and Scott Langley, COO, White Oak Resources
  • Application of Shearer Automation in Australia
    By Stephen Douglas, projects manager with automation responsibilities, Eickhoff
  • Longwall Extraction of Thin Seams at Poland’s Bogdanka Mine Using VFD Technology
    By Zbigniew Stopa, vice president, Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka S.A., and Dr. Michael Myszkowski, manager, sales support-longwall AFC’s & Plows, Cat Global Mining
  • Automated Longwall Systems: The Pniówek Experience
    By Reinhard Neuper,vice president of product development, Kopex Machinery S.A.
Session 5: Reliability & Performance
  • Asset Reliability at the San Juan Mine
    By: Michael J. Fidel, manager maintenance, San Juan Coal Co.
  • Challenges for Successful Ground Fault Protection of VFD’s used in Underground Coal Mining
    By Bobby Houston, Pat Lemmon, and James K. Martin, Intermountain Electronics
  • Smart Services in Support of Benchmark Longwall Production
    By Dieter Haage, Anglo American Coal-Australia
  • Faster Roadway Development: Slow Cutting for Higher Productivity and Safety
    By Kirby Owen,product support manager mechanical cutting, Sandvik Mining and Thomas Vallant,manager sales support mechanical cutting,Sandvik Mining
  • Impact of Corrosion on Mining Equipment
    By J.V. Pellegrino, Jr., RJ Lee Group, USA

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