By J. Adam Lyman, application engineer, Henkel

This presentation will discuss a new method of protecting longwall mining equipment and personnel while reducing cost and labor. Lift leg pockets are typically filled with a foam insert that is pre-cut to match the specific piece of equipment being used in the mine. These inserts do not completely fill the pocket and all dust and debris to work down in to the pocket, pushing out the insert over time. Cleaning and replacing these inserts takes time and if not done can result in a catastrophic failure of the equipment if the hydraulic lift leg is damaged. When these inserts are not present at all there is an even greater risk because there is a potential for tools and cutting tips to fall in the pocket causing more significant damage. The time and safety risk associated with this common maintenance problem should not be ignored.

Henkel’s LOCTITE MR5898 is a two-part foaming polyurethane that takes the place of foam inserts and provides better protection against coal dust and debris. This foaming polyurethane bonds to the pocket and hydraulic cylinder keeping out debris and other particulates that can damage or limit the movement of the roof support shield system. Two-part foam in place systems fill the entire cavity but are flexible enough to accommodate hydraulic leg movement. They are also safe for use underground and in confined spaces, can be mixed and applied quickly, and is tack free in minutes.