By Dakota Faulkner, Research and Development Engineer. Travis Sub, Research and Development Engineer, Keystone Mining Services, Jennmar Corp.

New ground control products increase the efficiency and most importantly the safety of longwall mining operations. To date, Jennmar has developed many patented products for longwall entry ground control. In this presentation, four of the most recently developed systems will be detailed: the fully-grouted cable bolt (FGCB) which is a new system to fully encapsulate a cable bolt and/or inject the roof strata; INSTaL tensionable cable bolt with new modifications that allow for fast installation and increased installed tension for both primary and supplemental support for longwall applications; standing support technologies including the J-Crib pumpable crib system, rapid installation props, J-Sand props; and the yieldable Omni 150 water props, which are being used for tailgate, bleeder, and recovery area support; and an array of non-metallic cuttable bolts and plates specifically designed for the extreme environments of longwall gate roads. These systems allow the operator the ability to control a wide range of roof conditions for longwall support.