Technical Program - Outline

2017 Technical Program

Session 1: Health & Safety

How can the CPDM Affect Miners’ Knowledge and Control of Respirable Dust Exposure?

by Emily J. Haas, PhD, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Longwall Automation: Making Mining Safer Through Technology

by Adam Zamora , Westmoreland Coal, Waterflow, NM and Jack D. Trackemas, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA

Evaluation of Noise Controls for Longwall Cutting Drums

by Hugo E. Camargo and Lynn A. Alcorn

Applications of a Scaled Aerodynamic Model for Simulations of Airflows in a Longwall Mine

by Gangrade, V., Harteis, S.P. and Addis, J.D., The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Controlling Dust Concentration at a Longwall Face Through Application Of A Flooded-Bed Scrubber to a Longwall Shearer

by Sampurna Arya, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, William Chad Wedding, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, Thomas Novak, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, and James P. Rider, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Pittsburgh, PA

Session 2: Equipment and Life-Cycle Improvements

First Chinese Shields in the U.S. at the Oak Grove Mine

Transformation/Repurposing of Face Equipment

Jacob Smith, Engineering Manager- Sufco Mine, Bowie Resources

Using a Dealer Network to Support Longwall Mining

by Bill Powell, General Manager CB Mining Inc.

Case Study: Extending the life of Longwall Roof Supports Through the Use of Life Cycle Testing Management Plan 

by Allan Black, Joy Global and  Janse Van Rensburg, Anglo American-South Africa

Smart Mining Technologies: Application and Outlook for the Global Longwall Mining Industry

by Dr.-Ing. Johannes Krings, Eickhoff 

Session 3: Operating Efficiencies

Improved Safety and Increases in Performance and Productivity Through the Implementation of a Longwall Proximity System and the Use of Smart, Connected LW products

by Rudie Boshoff, JoyGlobal

Case Study: Improved Safety and Productivity Through the Use of Advanced Shearer Automation - Tunnel Ridge Longwall

by Rob Colaw, Tunnel Ridge and James Sudworth, Joy Global

Financial Advantage of Utilizing Contractors to Perform Longwall Moves

by Neville McAlary, CEO, Delta SBD Ltd. and Ray Chadwick, Director, RC Mining Services

Protect Your Lift Leg Pockets, Protect Yourself & Your Pockets 

by. Adam Lyman, Application Engineer, Henkel 

Session 4: Mine Development & Planning

Monster Wall

by Christopher Popp. Section Foreman, Enlow Fork Mine; Jamie Wilson, Section Foreman, Enlow Fork Mine; and Andrew Yackuboskey, Section Foreman, Enlow Fork Mine)

Ultra length Longwall Panels: Critical Factors and Issues

Longwall Top Coal Caving

by Matt Jones, LW Superintendent Broadmeadow Mine; Kev Meyer, LW Maintenance Superintendent Broadmeadow Mine; and Brett Moule, LW Applications, Caterpillar Global Mining

Overview of Current U.S. Longwall Gateroad Support Practices

By Morgan M. Sears, PhD, Mining Engineer; Ihsan B. Tulu, PhD, Associate Service Fellow; and Gabriel Esterhuizen, PhD, Senior Scientist, NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division, Pittsburgh, PA 

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